Happy Halloween everybody! It sure looks spooky around these parts thanks to the wrath of Hurricane Sandy – dubbed Frankenstorm here in the northeast.  On Monday, I posted a bit panicked about how our favorite coastal town of Cape May, New Jersey would fair.  Well, I am here to report that Cape May won the battle with Sandy.  Hooray! Unfortunately our neighbors to the north did not make out as well as Cape May.  My heart goes out to all of those folks just up the coast. Ironically our home town to the west in Pennsylvania seemed to be more … Continue reading frankenstorm

field trip

I’m on my quest to soak up the last unofficial week of summer without rushing fall in like I normally do this time of year.  So today I took a break an enjoyed a stroll through a local U-pick zinnia farm in my area.  It was heavenly.  An absolutely gorgeous day for such a walk.  I could have stayed in those fields for hours. Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other field of zinnias of course! After my walk, I visited the farm’s market which was stocked full of colorful locally grown produce.   Farm … Continue reading field trip

make a day of it

Hey there!  I’m back with more details about this weekend’s sale.  I’ve been working diligently to get everything ready to go for our beach themed sale.  I hope you’ll stop by.  Here’s an itty bitty preview of what’s in store… While you’re in the neighborhood, you must visit our new neighbor.  The Frock Shoppe will be celebrating their grand opening this weekend!  The Frock Shoppe is a new and resale boutique, with a mission of supporting our community through buying and selling top quality pre-loved, and new clothing and accessories.  All proceeds from the Grand Opening will be used to help local families … Continue reading make a day of it

my phinds

Hola!  I had a looong weekend celebrating the marriage of two of our close friends.  The bash was held at a gorgeous 19th century mansion that offered lots of old world charm.  I have a ton of pictures to review and then I will share a full recap on the wedding and how it was styled.  Stay tuned! But today my friends, I’ve got some vintage eye candy.  Just a bit since I obviously was pre-occupied this weekend.  Last week I stopped in a local consignment shop that I have just been dying to get to.  A couple of weeks ago my blogging buddy Holly … Continue reading my phinds


Let me tell you guys up front that I really think the lack of picking this past weekend has put me into a funk…a junk funk.  Yesterday’s post displayed that and I still haven’t recovered.  So consider yourself warned.  This one is a rambler… I had planned to feature our Christmas cards today.  That got me thinking about cards in general.  We’ve received a few handmade ones this year.  Either I’ve got some pretty creative friends or the handmade movement has really infiltrated individual households.  Either way I like it and so does Ryan Gosling.  (Seriously click there.  It is funny.)  It reminds me of exchanging Valentine’s Day … Continue reading cards

i <3 thrifting

Have you all heard what today is? It is officially “I <3 Thrifting" day all around the country. Mr. Goodwill Hunting started this up and it has gone viral in the blog world. Groups of people are getting together in participant cities to thrift together. And wear matching shirts. Pretty amazing to think that one thrift happy guy put this all together. Even HGTV has caught wind of it and is hosting the Knoxville event. If you are local to Philadlphia, like me, you can find details for the Philly event here. Don’t tell anyone but I think I may … Continue reading i <3 thrifting