get lucky this weekend

Hey ya’ll! Are you looking to score big this weekend? Then you need to come to Clover Market on Sunday in Ardmore, PA! It is only this really fabulous upscale vintage market that takes place once a month during the spring and fall. There will be over 50 dealers settin’ up shop. You can have your pick of vintage, antiques, art, handmade jewelry and more. The April sale was so much fun and it wasn’t even warm out.

Don’t forget that Mother’s Day is coming up!
And my half birthday.

So here is a sneak peek of what Circa Dee will be selling…

A rad, red mid-century stepping stool and red, wooden bucket that would just be amazing as a flower pot on your patio.

An oak rocking horse for the little guy or gal. Plus, I’ve got a lot of spring-inspired pottery on tap like this pink Cookson.

An aqua enamelware dutch oven. You know you want it.

Some fish. Summer’s coming. These retro charmers will make a great conversation piece at your beach house. I’ll start…The green one was an ashtray that used to hang! Isn’t it weird that not too long ago ash trays were part of the decor?

And the brown one that used to be a brillo pad holder would be cute as a little vase for your summer bloomers.

And chalkboards. Lots of chalkboards. Old and repurposed ones. Don’t even think about buying that Pottery Barn one. It was overpriced anyway.

Oh and I will also be rolling out my new brand! I’m super excited about the new identity and blog.

See you there!

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