cookies & candy

When I am hunting for fabulous vintage to sell, I usually look for pieces that I actually just want to keep for myself. Then I reluctantly sell them anyway because, well, I like selling just as much as I like finding vintage. So about a year ago, I found these square, glass coordinating cookies and candy jars circa 1950.

Love them! I knew I needed to have them even if only temporarily.

I posted them on my etsy shop and got a few bites but no buyers. I had no need or place for the jars at the time. I kept them wrapped up in a box and forgot about their sweetness while pursuing other treasures.

April rolled around and I put together my inventory to bring to Clover Market. The old school goody jars made their way into the stock pile. I displayed them prominently at the sale. Again, they were getting a ton of action but no forever kind of lovin.

At the end of the day they were still there. I had never been so glad to NOT sell something in my life. All of the interested customers made me realize how much I really loved the jars and needed to have and hold them…forever!

Now they sit on my kitchen counter and hold Wilson’s cookies and candy treats. I think Wilson is glad they’re there too.

3 thoughts on “cookies & candy

  1. Love this idea! And that they are holding wilsons treats. Ps this new site is much easier to navigate. I love it and good luck!

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