cheers to the garden

May is here and the flowers are in full bloom. Let’s raise our glasses to the garden!
Around these parts I’m taking in delicate white dogwoods.

Full blown tulips hanging onto their last petals.

And I’m patiently waiting for the scent of lilacs and the hues of hydrangeas.

In the meantime, have you heard that Friday is National Public Gardens Day? May 6th is the day designated this year to recognize and celebrate national public gardens. Think you can do that?


It gets better! Not only is it a day to toast perfectly curated and manicured gardens but you can visit participating public gardens for FREE! These wonderful gardens will give you up to two free passes!

You should totally take your mom to kick off Mother’s Day. I bet she’ll love it.

My favorite national public garden is Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA. Not only does Longwood have acres and acres of exquisite gardens indoors and out but some of the best antique stores are located in the surrounding area. That is a bonus! I think I need to take a trip there.

Which public garden is your favorite?

2 thoughts on “cheers to the garden

  1. Someone left a packet of sunflower seeds in my bike basket to promote this holiday! My favorite public garden is currently my community garden at 10th and Federal in South Philly. Nothing like growing herbs and asparagus just steps from Pat’s and Geno’s!

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