sunny side up

Our new home boasts this amazing indoor/outdoor room facing the backyard. We are calling it our sunroom although the sunlight tends to be low because of the shade trees in our backyard. The room is lined with a brick floor and 3 brick walls. One of the brick walls is whitewashed. The final wall is composed of all windows.

Here are a few “before” shots.

Currently we’ve been working to scrub the space clean. This involves vacumming dirt out of brick crevices. Sounds funny? Well, it’s definitely not fun but maybe funny sounding.

We’re almost ready to get the room arranged. Well actually just as soon as I finish re-doing the vintage patio furniture. Details on that to come. In the meantime, I day dream about sitting out there with some vino while watching the seasons. Now is the optimal time to enjoy the sunroom so we are working in overdrive to get it settled. We will probably revisit some details, like adding electric (a ceiling fan? heat maybe?), in the fall.

Stay tuned for the spring sunroom reveal!

But until then, I will give you a peek into some of the indoor/outdoor rooms that I found inspiring while brainstorming our design.

Photos via decorpad

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