mom’s first pick

In honor of Mother’s Day (yes it’s today and no it’s not too late to get your mother something – hurry) I thought it would be appropriate to highlight my mom’s finds from her very first picking adventure.

My mom helps me sell all of my wares at Clover Market and loves to come antiquing with me but rarely comes with me to source my own vintage stock. So up until now she has been a vintage retail consumer but never a wholesaler.

I think that’s all about to change.

Without further ado, her picks…

Let’s start with this shabby white ladder. The steps fold under the stool. We may recover the cushion.

I’m slightly obsessed with trays. Doesn’t matter if they’re wood or metal, I am drawn to them. Everything looks more organized with a tray under it. I also like to rotate them into my plate rack on the wall. I guess I passed the tray obsession on.

This one might be my favorite. I love the handpainted flowers.

But the Scotch one is just too cool. It will make the perfect accessory for someone’s bar.

More handpainted goodness. This little stool’s motif is signed and dated ’82. Seems to be the right size for a child to stand on to reach the sink. Cute!

A cedar box to stash the family jewels.

And finally this antique chair. I’ve never had much luck selling single chairs like this but the nailheads alone are pretty fabulous.

Overall, I think she did great for her first solo buying trip! What do you think? We’ll work on incorporating colors into her next repetoire.

5 thoughts on “mom’s first pick

  1. The white ladder is a Stanley Home Products Stool – the steps and cushion were originally red. My parents have one, and a friend found one in a house she bought – the only 3 I’ve ever know of!

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