shutter luck

Can I just tell you how much I love freecycle!? First, we got a free couch that perfectly matches our living room and is exactly what we envisioned. (Don’t worry germophobes, it got vacuumed and shampooed.) Then someone was offering early 20th century interior window shutters up for grabs. The shutters were originally window treatments for a Philly row home. The freecyclers gave up enough shutters to cover 2 large windows. That’s 4 sets, 8 pairs or 16 individual shutters depending on how you calculate it.

I knew I needed them but I wasn’t sure why. At first.

Now I am rolling out salvaged shutter projects like it’s my…hobby.

The shutters were filthy and looking every bit of 100 years old. Each got a bath. The original hardware came off. Then onto primer. And finally paint.

I’m still trying to think of a good way to reuse the original knobs. I believe there are 4 porcelain knob and brass hook sets. Any ideas?

The first round of old shutters were reborn as glossy, new decorative hooks.

They sold quickly at Clover!

The feedback that I got fom the happy buyers was that they intended to use them to pack a little extra punch and texture in kids’ rooms and kitchens.

This was such an easy, low cost project. I bought vintage hooks on etsy and ebay and new picture hanging hardware for the back. I need to hit my stash and make some more! I think we’ll be seeing some of these in the sunroom.

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9 thoughts on “shutter luck

  1. What a score!!!! Good for you. I would use all four knobs on one of the shutters. If it is hung horizontally the knobs would be used as a hook to hang things. So cute!!!

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