look on the bright side

I spent last weekend working hard on getting the sunroom in tip top shape. I am getting close to the final product and the big reveal. Actually, is any room ever really final?

Here’s a peek at some of the elements that you can expect to see in our sunroom…

Ok, that’s enough for now. I’ve said too much already. But I just can’t wait! Eeeee!

Don’t worry it wasn’t all work and no play for me this weekend. While I didn’t manage to make it to a barn party on the farm due to all of my house projects, I did manage to score some new, old finds that I am really excited about.

I’ve been looking for an old life preserver for a few months now. I finally found just what I imagined. This will become a focal point in the guest bedroom at the beach house. It needs to be cleaned up and I’m considering stenciling Cape May on it. yes? no?

Check out this antique pledge ledger. It makes me think of Animal House.

The inside is totally blank. This could make a pretty cool guest book for a wedding. I may list it on etsy.

I’ve been on a metal kick…You saw the galvanized bucket above. It could use a plant in it for fun on the patio.

This coffee can is literally like 80 years old. I LOVE the graphics.

Old school picnic basket-like tin box.

And these candle sticks are actually silver plated but someone along the way spray painted them silver. I bet the candlesticks tarnished so instead of polishing them, they sprayed them. I dunno why! I liked all of the detail anyway and since they’ve already been painted, I might just re-paint them. Something bright!

Two more loves. I’m keeping these. The barn ladder may find a long term home in the sunroom…we’ll see. And the chenille area rug is going in the guest room. I was looking for a vintage chenille blanket so the rug was a nice surprise. I’m sure it was originally in someone’s 1950’s bathroom looking all purdy and sweet. Well now it’s mine!

And another keeper is the wire milk jug carrier. It is so versatile. It is currently holding some herbs while I find a place in the garden for them. I love how useful this carrier can be. I just needed it! We’ll be seeing more of it!

I am thrilled with these new finds and can’t wait for this weekend to hunt for more.

7 thoughts on “look on the bright side

  1. I love what you have picked out for your sunroom so far. The rusty metal and shutters are going to come alive when you add your greenery. The barn ladder and chenille rug are GREAT finds. I found a queen size white chenille bedspread at the Salvation Army for around $2.00! I GRABBED it right away. Nice post.

  2. Love what you found on your treasure hunt and can’t wait to see your final reveal. Thanks for sharing your link and stopping by Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

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