milkglass mayhem

I began antiquing in college…or was it high school? I can’t exactly remember when it all started but I do remember my first obsession just like you remember your first crush.

It was so innocent and pure.

Milkglass. Specifically hobnail. Preferably Fenton.

It was something about the texture and the opaque white color that always drew me in. At the time, I didn’t know how prevalent these items were on the market. If I saw a piece that interested me, I would pick it up and add it to my display at home.

In our new home, the kitchen has a high shelf above the entry way. When I first noticed the shelf I thought of it as a nuisance and mentally added it to the list of things to change. Then it occurred to me that it was the perfect subtle display location for a portion of my cherished, freshman collection.

When you enter the kitchen from the back door your eye is drawn to the milkglass. The group is often the first thing people notice when they come in the room! I love the refreshing white on white palette. I think that detector needs to go on the list of things to change though. Note to self.

I’ve moved some of the other pieces around the house to use. I just love how this candy dish collects my loose jewelry and baubles on my dresser.

A few others are missing since the move. I can’t seem to locate my milkglass salt & pepper shakers anywhere! Bummer. I hope they turn up.

What collection did you first crush on?

2 thoughts on “milkglass mayhem

  1. You could always cover the smoke detector with a beautiful white platter on a plate stand 😉 What a good excuse to go thrifting!

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