a vintage weekend recap

I finally reunited with the world on a social basis this weekend. After nearly a month of hermit-like behavior in our new home, I decided it was time to get out. Of course I picked a rainy weekend but it didn’t disappoint. It was filled with all things I love. In no particular order I…

spent time with friends, family and family friends

had a girl’s night out with my silly SILs

kissed babies

celebrated the anticipation of the arrival of twin girls

celebrated a graduation

celebrated a birthday

went to an estate sale

a yard sale

and a garage sale

helped a friend sort through her 96 year old grandma’s antique china and silver

refinished a child size park bench

finished refinishing the sunroom furniture

and started refinishing the built ins in our living room.

And now for the deets and eye candy…
Let’s start with the baby shower at one of my favorite “antique houses”.

I love, love, love these handmade banners that are made of fabric triangles that are glued to ribbon, I think. The adorable banners decorated various doorways in the house plus their front porch. I don’t know what it is about these little triangles of joy but I just need them in my life!

Aside from the fabric streamers, there were vintage baby blocks decorating the house. Now isn’t that, well, fun?

At the estate sale, I got some vintage Christmas linens which just make me happy. Tablecloth, apron & tea towel plus a 1957 copy of Wizard of Oz. This Dorothy looks different than the one I grew up knowing.
P.S. that’s also a “before” picture of the park bench in the background.

An avocado green, wicker hamper because why not? Plus that quirky terra cotta owl with 3 faces that is getting cut off in the picture.

Roller skates circa 1970. Could I possibly regret this impulse buy? Not with that fab red carrying case that came with them! Must. Have.

Old burlap feed sacks with sweet graphics. Why didn’t I buy more? I have a project in mind for them and they were available…dammit! Oh but they do smell like gasoline so let’s hope I can get rid of that stench.

Breakfast in bed anyone? As soon as I laid eyes on this delicate tray of wonderfulness, I knew that I couldn’t leave it behind.

This hand stitched (or is it hooked? I think it’s hooked) area rug with vivid yellow, orange and green flowers is a perfect addition to my office. One of these days I will organize it and post pictures of the office.

Double baking pans. A huge floral frog just because I’m obsessed. And a scale that may possibly find a new life as a plant hook.

Oh and this dirty but cool tool caddy.

I think that about sums up my 48 hours of wonderfulness. No pictures of the china at this time. Or the babies.

What did you do this weekend?

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10 thoughts on “a vintage weekend recap

  1. What a great idea for the scale! I have an old scale just hanging in our garage doing nothing. Now, it may have a purpose! Love the roller skates, too. And the hooked rug is beautiful!

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend, despite the rain. You’re in the Philly area, yes? Hope you’ll join us for Blogstress Cocktails this Wed. It would be wonderful to meet in person. (Details on our blog & Facebook Page)

  3. Cool stuff! I think I have those roller skates, but not the nifty carrying case. Why can’t I part with mine? The memories are strong. It’s a little crazy, I know.
    The vintage linens are sweet. And I love those banners, too! They are so festive.

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