don’t judge

I had the most fabulous and rare weekend without a single commitment. I didn’t want to double book anything on Judgement Day so I just went with the flow. Fortunately that brought me to the beach! My mom and I spent Saturday & Sunday morning on treasure hunts. We could barely fit everything in the car but somehow in these pictures it looks like less than I thought.

Anyway, here’s what I got…

A little bit of everything including a lot of holiday swag that I can just never resist. How cute are these candy corn?

This awesome kitchen scale.

Some sheet music. I’m going to hold onto these for some future craft projects. This song title made me laugh because I thought of Colleen at freshvintage. Seriously? The Dickey Bird Song? Colleen would’ve had a field day with this one!

And while I’m at it…I saw this sign in a junk store on Sunday. I didn’t buy it but just had to take a picture. Mmm-hmm.

But these wholesome vintage invitations are just too cute. I got the whole pack.

Plus some wooden spools that were calling my name. They aren’t really thaaat old but I thought they’d be cute in this tarnished silver compote.

An old Sealtest ice cream crate.

But the pick of the day was definitely the orange, retro Coleman cooler. Love it! The color actually coordinates perfectly with the sunroom furniture so I am going stock it there for Memorial Day.

Here’s what my mom got. Don’t miss the vivid Vera tablecloth. Good find!

I love the vintage tennis racket. She got a lot of cheery pyrex too.

All of this and we still made it to the beach with Ryan & Wilson.

And back for the sunset.

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8 thoughts on “don’t judge

  1. You and your mom rocked it! Love that kitchen scale and the Vera tablecloth, especially. I pick up sheet music, too, because the illustrations and the song titles are always hilarious! Hopefully I’ll be making a collage of them on the wall someday.

  2. The beach AND thrifting? Sounds like the perfect weekend! The ice cooler also seems like it would be handy for a summer picnic. I’m also amused by the naughty references that you found while out and about. 😉

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