Guys, guess what! I’m “showing off” the sunroom furniture before and after at The DIY Showoff. I couldn’t be more excited!

Roeshel featured my project and another awesome porch before and after. Ironically, the other porch has white wicker furniture which was my 2nd choice. Plus, they have a TV which we considered adding for summer nights spent watching Phillies games. I love their use of polka dots and stripes. So pretty!

And while we’re talking about my beloved sunroom, here’s a new addition.

We found these antique trowels at my favorite junk store. I uncovered them for a buck each and just knew we could use them out in this room. Ryan pre-drilled holes in the center of each.

And then the fun…drilling holes in brick. You need to use a masonary bit & a hammer drill which we didn’t have so it took a long time to drill it very slowly!

Anyway, here’s the end result. The perfect little garden-themed hooks by our back door!

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