Help! I had this vision of feedsack bags repurposed into valances for our living room windows.

I’ve executed the vision and now I can’t decide how I feel about the new window treatment. Sometimes I love it. Sometimes I feel less than stellar about it.

Let me start at the beginning. When we first saw the house back in February, the living room looked exactly like this.

That’s the only “before” picture I have. When we saw the house, I was excited that it came with all of the window treatments. At the time, I thought I liked the fancy valances. Once we moved in, I immediately realized that they weren’t for me! Ryan agreed. The word “regal” came to mind every time I looked at them. This living room was never going to be regal but casual and comfortable.

I lived with the curtains and waited for the room around them to evolve.

At an estate sale a few weekends ago, I scored these old feed bags. For $1 each!

Another “no sew” project! I cut the sides but kept the bottoms attached. That gave me about 20 inches x 70 inches. About.

My next move was a little bit risky. The bags still hadn’t been washed and were a bit smelly so I threw them in the wash on the delicate cycle. I knew this would fray the edges. I hoped it would fray them just the right amount and not too much or they’d fall apart. I felt like my 14 year old self again trying to fray my cut off jean shorts just right. Do kids still do that? Anyway, when I opened the washer up, the burlap was still in tack with just a little fraying. I trimmed the edges where necessary and laid them flat on the ground.

I got out my trusty lip liner-turned-fabric-marker, measuring tape and scissors.

I marked slits approximately 2 inches down and 10 inches apart. Approximately. There was a lot of eyeballing in this project because it was midnight I was ok with some imperfections. I made the cuts and threaded the curtain rod through. This was a quick project!

Here’s how they look now.

I love the graphics!

As I’m writing this and peering over the computer at the “new curtains”, Ryan said, “Those curtains look horrible.” So I know how he feels…he’s a bit more traditional. Although for the record, he also said that he didn’t care if they stayed.

I think I will leave them up for summer.

Maybe not? Help!

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  1. These are great! I should make some to go with my coffee sack pillows!!!

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