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What a fabulous, long Memorial Day weekend we had! I found myself surrounded by friends, family and perfect summer weather the entire time. There were lots of people in and out of our house and therefore our first official house guests!

They got to stay in our very vintage guest bedroom…

The room is still a work in progress (as they all are). We inherited the navy blue walls from the little boy who used to live in this room. Navy blue is a bold color to go with but it works really well with my Grandmother’s antique bedroom set that I now own. There she is getting ready for her wedding circa 1946 at that very same mirror.

I love the contrast between the ivory furniture and dark walls. I think this works so well because there are 3 large windows that provide plenty of natural sunlight.

Remember the chenille rug? It’s hard to believe I found this gem just a few weeks ago. Here it is in it’s new home at the foot of the bed. I’m still on the hunt for a coordinating chenille bedspread.

I like how this little corner is shaping up. There’s one of the night stands donned with a tarnished compote filled with wooden spools that I estate saled last week. Interesting combo that makes me happy!

See that picture? It is a Philadelphia newspaper print dated 1913. I love the contrast of the newspaper on the navy wall. I got it at an antique mall a couple of years ago in Quakertown, PA with my antique-loving-SIL. It was that day that we decided we needed to rent a trailer and go cross country antiquing. We haven’t booked that trip yet but one of these days…

But my new favorite part of this room is the vintage sheet music wreath.

I made it last week during the 19 inning Phillies game on Wednesday. I could have made atleast 3 of them in that time. Ryan didn’t really understand why one would want to make a wreath of paper. I told him it only cost $3 in materials. Then he saw the end result. Maybe he is a believer of paper wreaths now…

I started with a really great tutorial that I found here. Then I went to the dollar store and got some materials.

I wrapped the wreath in the ivory ribbon. Then I tore all of the sheet music pages out of the book.

Here’s a tip…cut those pages in half horizontally. Your sheet music will go further.

Then I rolled all of the pages and glued the edges. The tutorial throughly outlines this step. I tried different sizes. In other words, I rolled some tight and kept others open wider. I learned that the wider ones make the wreath look fuller. Duh.

Final step is to hot glue the rolled pages to the wreath. I did 2 layers. One glued to the side and one glued to the front to create depth.

There you have it. A wreath of old paper. I love it!

Have a great short week my friends! I expect to see Wilson on Thursday or so when he gets out of bed. He is just so exhausted from our long weekend…

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8 thoughts on “be our guest

  1. I forgot to mention that I loved the wreath!! I saw it yesterday when I was showing Sam around and I meant to tell you that I loved it. I thought you bought it, but now that I know you made it…I love it even more 🙂

  2. Wow. Another Gem in your house! I love love love this wreath. Such a simple yet statement making decoration. And, I haven’t forgotten about that trip! When we move, can you help me decorate?!?

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