here comes the bride

I walked down the aisle for the 10th time this past weekend! Not as a bride but as a bridesmaid. I’m no Elizabeth Taylor.

Here’s the bride looking smashing in her lace wedding gown. I just love how she accessorized it or “Jessi-fied” it as I call it. Jessi always belts her ensembles so it only seemed appropriate that she had a belt added to her dress.

Her black belt coordinated with the bridesmaids. We wore any black cocktail dress we wanted. How liberating! For the first time in 4 years, I actually wore a bridesmaid dress AGAIN. I took a long bridesmaid dress from a wedding earlier this year and had it hemmed into a cocktail dress.

Back to the wedding…the couple chose a lovebird theme complete with vintage birdcages dressing every table. I had a blast helping to find unique birdcages over the last year and a half. They decided to add a pop of color inside the cages.

The color scheme was black and white with a hint of hot pink. We carried all white bouquets filled with hydrangea and roses.

Birds subtly accented everything from the invitations to the favors (wine stopper and bottle opener) and the cake…check out the cake! STUN-NING! I love how it seemed to glow! You gotta love the power of lighting. And it was yummy too.

The ceremony and reception were held at Normandy Farm. The nuptials were outside on the most beautiful day of the year! Picture perfect weather. Hopefully I will have pictures to share later of the ceremony.

Cocktail hour was outside. Then we moved inside to the rustic ballroom with cathedral ceilings accented by exposed beams and oversized chandeliers. Grand!

The bride serenaded her groom with her most amazing voice. She sang At Last by Etta James. The room froze and listened in awe. Pretty amazing stuff! Naturally, the groom ate up the moment.

Then the party ensued. And it was a party. The song Shot! Shot! Shot! comes to mind, if that is even considered a song. The dance floor was packed all night. I love a good wedding! Well, I love all weddings.

Congrats Jake & Jessi!

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