no sleep til brooklyn

Last Saturday I trekked up to Brooklyn for the legendary Brooklyn Flea. And I’m so glad I did! I went to the Ft. Greene market on Saturday. It turned out to be a beautiful day. The perfect kind of weather for fleaing in one of the greatest cities on Earth.

So lemme tell ya about it…

Over 100 vendors were lined up in a giant school yard, basically. It was crowded but not so crowded that you couldn’t get by. Totally manageable.

Everything was unique, vintage or handmade. There was Americana. Not your parents Americana but ours.

From the 80s.

There were collections. Lots of collections.

Including tons of vintage cameras.

I felt so hip. Like I totally hit the vintage nail on the head because I had an oh-so-similar-vintage-camera collection at home. On display.

Seriously every third vendor was selling a Polaroid Land for about 75 bucks!

But this.

This fabulous vintage letter D from an old sign. It was calling to me. This old D was teetering on a patio set that reminded me of ours at home! If only I didn’t have to take a train, a subway and car home, D, you would be mine. Lugging around a beautiful aqua D was not in the cards. And what would I do with it anyway?

Now these letters. They were more my size.

I have a weak spot for letter press. A D from this collection did make it home with me.

And lamps made from old canning jars? Novel idea. Let’s file that one away! $100 dollars seemed pricey for that lamp but FYI, most of the goods for sale were reasonably priced. Including the yummy food. Totally affordable.

Ok, so I was ob.sessed. with these antique glove molds. Why? I dunno. But I took one creepy porcelain hand home with me. I used it on Sunday to display jewelry at Clover Market.

Here are my comrades, Leigh & Allison, sporting their new Flea wears. They primarily went the accessory route with a new hat, sunglasses and purses! Something for everyone at the Brooklyn Flea. A must see.

There’s me loving everything about Brooklyn. Particularly my stuffed bags from the Flea. And the amazing brownstones. I love the neighborhood.

Did I mention that most vendors accept credit cards via square? Well they do. I also used Square for the first time to accept payments at Clover. It went very smoothly and the money was deposited quickly. We may be into vintage but we are down with modern payment plans!

Who’s coming with me to a Sunday rendition of Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg?

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