slim pickin

I spent the weekend at the beach again. My favorite place ev-er. My mom was there again too and we had high expectations of a repeat from a few weekends ago when we had about a zillion awesome vintage finds.

Guess what. Didn’t happen.

Too bad we had basically mapped out our Saturday morning sales. Most of them were canceled because it poured from about 7-9 am during prime set up time. Then the “antique” estate sale we went to was a total bust. The house was completely bizarre and filled with items that could’ve been props in a medieval setting. No interest.

We moved on to the flea market that my mom saw advertised on a sign. Surely we could find some must have items there. Not so fast. Turns out that took place last weekend!

We were losing steam so we decided to go to our tried and true antique stores in Cape May. Obviously there would be vintage to see there. We wandered around for a bit and then hit a craft fair. Ugh, craft fairs can be so lame but I figured there would be some vintage vendors dabbled in and sure enough I was right. Plus it was sunny by this time. Bonus.

All and all the morning wasn’t a total loss. Here’s what we found…

I scored this delicate Victorian birdcage for a song.

Because the detailing on the woodwork on the left side has to be glued back on. No problem.

My mom’s big find was this adorable pint-sized wicker rocker. Perfect for my little niece.

And here were the only other little things I found. A couple of glass floral frogs.

Several sets of old hooks for my shutters.

Really, really old hooks.

I have been on a tin kick and the blue & green colors of the charming little cottage drew me in. Check out the patina.

So that sums it up. The rest of the weekend was spent trying to get these 2 crazy dogs to pose for a decent picture together. That was also only mildly successful.

How was your weekend?

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