come and knock on my door

I’ve been waiting for you.

Remember that song? The theme to Three’s Company. Man, I loved that show. I caught all of the reruns. Are they still on?? Anyway, I thought of Three’s Company when I picked up this mirror framed in bamboo and caning a few weeks back.

Normally I would just walk by a mirror like this. Mostly because it reminds me of the dining room table we had for most of my childhood. Us and everyone else I knew had that set with the cushy vinyl seats that stuck to your legs. And the caning on the backs of the chairs that left marks on your back. It seems like my parents only just got rid of that set.

I digress.

For some reason I picked up the mirror and took it home on that particular Saturday. I thought it would make a fun, quick and easy paint project.

It did. And it was satisfying.

I simply masked the parts I didn’t want to paint with painter’s tape. And sprayed the exposed part. Once that dried I switched by covering the painted area with tape and spraying the newly exposed section.

Now it is a bright and punchy mirror perfect for a little girl’s room.

Do you think Chrissy Snow would like it?

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