tv killed the radio

Hey guys! I’m really excited about the latest antique addition to our house.

But let me start by telling you about our master bedroom. It is shockingly very un-vintage and do I dare say possibly modern?

Ok, not modern but not vintage either. Traditional?

Just like the guest room, we are working a dark wall/light furniture combo.

All of the colors in the room are very warm and relaxing…easy to catch some ZZZ’s in.

I like lots of pillows and neutral colored bedding in different textures like cotton and silk.

But what I’m really excited to show you is the new-to-us TV stand!

Don’t be fooled. It’s not just a TV stand. Know what that is?

It’s a Silvertone Radio console circa 1930s. I just love it! I especially love what this combination represents in terms of how far technology has come. Let me tell you a story about it…

This radio belonged to Ryan’s mom. She told us how it was positioned between her and her sister’s bed when they were children. She remembers listening to it before going to sleep. She’s kept it all of this time.

Fast forward 60 plus years and routines haven’t changed much. Just the technology. The radio console now acts as a shelf for the TV that we watch before going to sleep. The piece still serves a similar entertainment function to us as it did to them all of that time ago.

First we incorporated Ryan’s dad’s camera collection into our home and now his mom’s radio. We are so lucky! The color and grain of the wood is just beautiful. Plus the console also gives some bonus storage shelves.

Ok, so maybe I snuck some vintage into this seemingly traditional room afterall! Here’s a little more…

I found Ryan’s night stand at an antique shop. It is topped with a picture of our beloved Wilson and an awesome bourbon bottle lamp.

We found the lamp antiquing a few years ago and just had to have it. It is so Ryan.

I decided to go with mismatched bedside vignettes speaking to both of our styles. Plus dark woods to contrast with the light bedroom furniture we aleady had. That means I use this quirky chair to stack books and magazines around. I wouldn’t dare sit on it though. Hey, it was only 4 bucks!

It’s topped with a milkglass lamp. Because I love milkglass. The shade is new. Just a little bit of flare to girly up the dark wood of the chair-turned-table. Oh and the distressed parts of the chair are authentic from age. My favorite part.

Thanks for taking the tour! Do you love the new addition of the radio?

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4 thoughts on “tv killed the radio

  1. Love how the radio looks in your bedroom, the TV goes great on it, Wilson looks so comfy, one of our favorite radio shows was “The Shadow Knows”. Great memories. So happy you can use it.

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