at the gallery

Last week I gave some much needed TLC to my itty bitty space at Bucks County Antique Gallery. I had neglected it for about 8 weeks while stocking up and preparing for Clover. But now we’re back in action with some “new” merchandise!

Just go upstairs to the second level. Along the banister, near the middle and look for the tall wicker shelves stocked with vintage goodies.

Look closely for the Circa Dee sign nestled in the shelves and you’ll know you found my goods!

Here’s a peek of what I’ve got for sale…

I currently am working with such a small spot so everything is seriously stacked in there. But it’s ok. Go ahead and move it around.

And if you don’t like what I’ve got, you’re crazy there are oh 50+ dealers with lots of goodies to offer.

Bowling Alley seats anyone?

Something for everyone…I suppose.

My “across the aisle” neighbor has super cute furniture that she refinishes. Her style is so sweet.

There are primitives to be found too!

Plus vintage linens.

Don’t forget to browse the porch which is filled with antiques like this bench. It kind of reminds me of my beloved sunroom furniture!

So check out the antique gallery this weekend. You will be glad you did! It is located at 8 Skyline Drive in Chalfont, PA.

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Can you tell that I don’t want you to miss a thing? xoxo

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