weighing in

Hello my vintage-loving friends!

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on vaca. It has been glorious. I haven’t done too much of anything quite frankly. But that’s all about to change! Let the vintaging begin! I have the next 3 days packed with projects and trips Circa Dee style.

I do have some eye candy to share today though. I did a wee bit of junking/antiquing/vintaging last weekend. This is the only real gem I uncovered.

It is an antique Placardo scale that is double sided. Circa 1920s. Manufactured in New York City.

According to my calculations it is a 10 lb. peanut candy scale. And it’s heavy!

There was once glass over each face. The tray is removable painted copper or brass. As you can tell, the condition isn’t great but the patina is very cool in my opinion. This would make a great prop for someone’s store.

I have been on a scale kick lately. Remember this kitchen scale? Love it!

I saw a postal scale yesterday that I considered buying. I did not. I am not sure if I regret it or not…

That’s all for today. I’m off to a barn sale now!

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