fab four flea

On Saturday I will be hosting the First Annual Fab Four Flea. What’s that you ask? Oh just a really fancy title for what is more commonly known as a multi-family yard sale.

A group of my friends and I, also known as the fab four since college – self titled of course, decided to sell all of our junk treasures together.  And because everything we do together usually involves a lot of laughing and a lot of daytime cocktails, I am sure this will be a blast. 

My one and only goal for this yard sale is to sell enough alone to buy a case of wine at the Cape May Winery.  Is that too much to ask?  I have to set my expectations high.

Fab Four Pictured: Emily, Dana, Jackie, Sara

Everyone has a little something different to sell…Emily has been known to sell clothes right out of her husband’s closet stating that he doesn’t wear them anyway and possibly some collectibles.  Jackie is our designer diva who will most likely turn up with designer bags that she’ll sell for next to nothing.  She mentioned a Coach duffel for $5.  I just may take it off of her hands.  And Sara will be pushing her fiance’s old sporting equipment.  They’re shopping for a new home and she says the old equipment can’t go with them.  Me?  Since the move, I’ve stockpiled a bunch of housewares that I no longer want like dishes and small furniture, some vintage.  The only thing you won’t find at our sale is baby crap & kids toys.  And probably tools, don’t think we have any of that.

Although I frequent yard sales, this is actually the first one that I am holding.  I’ve made a checklist in preparation.  Have I missed anything major?

  • The ad in the local classifieds has been placed. We opted for descriptive words to draw a crowd i.e. designer, vintage, housewares, sporting goods, collectibles, furniture. And famous last words: “Everything must go!”
  • Signs will be posted at major intersections the night before. I am talking big neon poster board clearly marking the address.
  • And the Craigslist ad is posted and then I will post another one the morning of.
  • The price stickers have been bought. It is imperative to price everything I think. As a yard saler, I find it frustrating when nothing is marked. And these items will be marked LOW.
  • Also, we are starting our sale one hour earlier than the other local sales. We thought this may draw the early birds looking for a worm.
  • The flow of the sale has been masterminded in order to be customer friendly.  We will also bring a pop up tent so we don’t have to sit out in the direct sun.
  • Change.  We’ll have lots of small change.  We will also have the ability to accept credit cards via Square.  Have you ever paid at a yard sale with a credit card? 

If you will be down at the Jersey shore on Saturday and want to come visit us at the First Annual Fab Four Flea, send me a message!

2 thoughts on “fab four flea

  1. Have a great time, hope you sell everything,the weather should be wonderful for you. Make sure nobody tries to buy your puppy,he’s a cutie!!

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