the great outdoors

It’s been busy here at Circa Dee headquarters AKA our house.

The back yard has become one with a much anticipated fence. We opted for post and rail to keep with the rustic setting that the mature trees in our yard offer. What a beautiful union between the two.

Can’t forget the wire to keep the little guy in.

Now Wilson can happily mingle with nature. Or just lounge.

See how well he stays on the patio?

After consideration, we hired a fence company to do the installation. They completed it in just a day and a half. Well worth the sanity Ryan and I both kept. Let’s face it, installing a fence would’ve been all him…

The back of the house didn’t get all of the love though. The roof got a serious cleaning. It needed it! See the before picture? When we bought the house in the spring, it was covered in moss.  It grows on the roof due to the shade and moisture caused by the large birch trees.  As much as we’re into moss right now, we don’t want it growing on the shingles.  It gives a “green roof” a whole different meaning.

And look at it now! The roof looks brand new after Ryan put some serious elbow grease into it.

I know it’s hard to see past the birch tree canopy. Look closer. Like new I tell ya! What a guy!

I feel the need to give full disclosure here. There are no during pictures of this DIY home cleaning project because while Ryan was scaling the side of the house, I was out sipping sangria with my girlfriends. I offered no help in this project whatsoever. Although, judging by the results it looks like he didn’t need my help but I am feeling a bit guilty now that I know the volume of ladders that were involved. I’m so happy with the outcome!

Here is a breakdown of how the roof went from drab to fab!

  • Mix Jomax with bleach and water according to the instructions on the bottle.  Be sure to use a plant friendly outdoor bleach so the vegetation below will not be harmed.
  • Apply solution to the roof with a sprayer and let solution sit for a minimum of 15 minutes.
  • Use a gas powered pressure washer to wash solution off.

Now that these outdoor projects are complete, we can move onto planting the perennial gardens!

How was your weekend?


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