fall preview

I continue to rush summer here because, well, fall is my favorite time of the year.  And it’s 100 degrees today.  Ugh.

I was actually thrilled to see the back-to-school marketing campaigns in stores and on TV.  I even spotted a Halloween display in one store!  Yesss.  (And if you think I’m nuts I won’t even tell you about the email exchange my SIL and I had the other day about how many days are left ’til Christmas.)

I am confirmed to sell at the Fall Clover Markets and couldn’t be more excited.  Fall is just around the corner you see.  With that said, I’ve been gathering up my vintage cowboy & riding boot fall collection.  These were really popular last year at Clover and I don’t want to disappoint.

Here’s a preview of the fall collection…

Can’t you just imagine the colorful leaves falling and crunching under your new-to-you stylish vintage cowboy boots?  Chunky, warm sweater on.  Hot cider in hand.  Ahh! 

If that image is enough to get your pulse going, today is your lucky day!  Each of these 8 pairs of cowboy boots are on pre-sale!  Just email me at circadee@gmail.com regarding the pair you are interested in.  I will provide more details around make, specific fit, price and we’ll discuss shipping or pick up options.  Most of the boots are gently worn in with just the right amount of patina in the leather.


size 8.5 Nocona



size 8.5 made in USA



size 7.5 made in USA



size 9.5 Tony Lama



size 9 Tony Lama



size 10 Dingo



size 8.5 made in Italy



size 8.5 Bermans

And if you don’t see a pair here that are right for you, I have a few left from last season that are on sale in my etsy shop.  You can also email me with a request of size and style so I can be on the look out for you.

Happy Fall Summer!  Which is your favorite pair?

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