the snow day

Too hot to go outside.  Too hot to take the dog for a walk.  I really do miss snow.  Really.

Wilson and I treated the 100 degree weather we had today like it was a snow day.  We stocked up on bread, milk & eggs.  We did lots of crafts and played games.  Indoors.  The real highlight of our snow day was that we each got a new toy.

Wilson’s was a stuffed duck.  He loves his stuffed animals.  Maybe a little too much.  After a few hours, he had something to show me.

He led the way down the hall to the bedroom…where I thought he was napping.

To show me that ducky was stuffed with tiny pieces of foam.

But he still loved Ducky just the same.

We got snow after all.  And true to form, it took hours to clean up.

Wilson hoped he wasn’t in trouble.  How could he be?  Look at that face.

My new toy?  The camera.  I’m loving these shots. 

Anyone else looking forward to snow?

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