place setting art

We had a little problem.  In the form of this big blank wall in the living room. 

Ok, maybe problem is a strong word.  We’ve lived here for nearly 4 months with nothing on this very main wall in our otherwise cozy home.  Finally, Ryan asked what we were going to do with it.  I had thought about antique ceiling tiles but never came across enough in the right colors at a good price. 

We scored big on the couch when we got it for free.  Otherwise we probably would have selected a more neutral color knowing us.  But the couch has treated us well so far and it’s time we treat it to some complementing wall art above.  Afterall, the couch faces the much groomed and tended to mantle all day long.


I went back-to-school shopping.  Not really.  I just hit the back-to-school display and picked up some of these cork tiles.  The texture is so warm – just what the couch could use.  The 12×12 cork tiles mimic the shape of the antique ceiling tiles I originally pictured but cost much less at just $5 for a 4 pack.  Done and done.

I picked up some fabric remnants at my local thrift store where they are always just 99 cents.  Plus a tea towel from the dollar store and some felt totalling another $5.  Wonderful. 

At our yard sale, Emily’s shower curtain did not sell.  I snagged it figuring I’d find a use for the paisley cotton blend sheet.  It occurred to me that it matched the couch perfectly.  I wondered what Emily would think if her shower curtain became part of my living room decor.  Weird?  Hmm.  We’ll find out!

 Next, I pulled a place setting from my kitchen cabinet, hence the name I came up with for this project “Place Setting Art”.  Sort of a place setting anyway but “Sort Of Place Setting Art” doesn’t sound as good.  I wanted 4 different size circles so pulled various size dishes.

I traced them on the fabrics and cut ’em out.

Mixing and matching the different sized fabrics was my favorite part.  I laid them out on the floor to rehearse the possible patterns.  The paisley fabric formerly known as Emily’s shower curtain is the recurring fabric in each combination.  Perfect!

You will notice that I didn’t iron any of the fabric, partially because I didn’t feel like it and partially because I thought the wrinkles would help give some dimension.  Which it does.

Then it was time to take it to the wall.  I hung the cork tiles using the sticky adhesive that came with them.  Only one tile would not cooperate so I nailed it on.  I did what I had to do.  Once the tiles were in place.  I put the fabric up using tacks from the dollar store.  I may upgrade the tacks later.  I also hot glued the fabric in a few places on top but tried to as little as possible to keep the dimension of the layers.

(If you’re seeing that blue spot, it is on my wall. Not your computer screen. Don’t fret.)

I am happy with the outcome.  It really warms the space up and gives some color to that side of the room.  And for less than $20!  I’m envisioning changing out the installation on the cork occassionally.  We’ll see…

What do you think? Emily?

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7 thoughts on “place setting art

  1. Wow!!! Who knew we’d ever see that again, especially as wall art. J.R. is hooked on your abilities, and now has become an avid reader of CircaDee. Make sure you think of us every time you’re laying on your couch!

  2. This looks great and adds color to that blank wall. I like it. I also like how creative you were in coming up with this. (I have zero creativity.)

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