green with envy

Hello friends!  Happy August.  The past couple of days were jam-packed with fun in the sun.  We played on the beach, went crabbing, rode bikes, visited my favorite winery and spent time with family and friends.  It was an excellent way to see July off.  Isn’t the summer going so quickly? 

With all of those plans in just 48 hours, I almost didn’t have time to hunt for junk.  Almost.  I couldn’t let a Saturday morning go by without making the rounds.  And I’m glad I did.  On an abbreviated hunt, I found these 2 items that I couldn’t pass up.

First we have an enamelware double boiler pot.  In all of my enamelware hunts, I have never seen one like this.  Not even close.  I knew it was out there somewhere.

There are 2 pots and a lid – hence “double” boiler.  They are worn in all the right places in my opinion.  I like the way enamelware wears over time.

But the big find of the day was this funky green metal cabinet.  Love the color!

Check out the old latch.  I love how industrial it is yet the green is all retro goodness.

It comes complete with matching shelf liner paper.  That will have to go when I clean this bad boy up.  I’m thinking some vintage wallpaper may be a nice “new” shelf liner.

I’m so glad I squeezed this treasure hunt in on Saturday!  What do you think?  They need to be cleaned but that’s not happening today.  We’re sleepy here at Circa Dee.

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