my lucky finds

I’m forever mentioning Clover Market up in here.  No surprise because I totally love the open-air upscale vintage market.  I love selling there and I love, love, love shopping there when I get a free minute out of my tent.

Basically it’s a bunch of crazy-about-vintage seekers, like myself, who bring the best of their best to peddle to the chic mainline shoppers.  And, guess what!  It’s not just vintage and antiques.  About half of the sellers make their own jewelry, artwork, furniture.  You name it.  You can find some pretty fab and unique home and personal accessories at Clover.  The sellers are no joke.

I’m here to share with you what I picked up at the spring sales.  It’s actually kinda rare for me to leave my post because I know myself and I know I will want to buy everything in sight.  Fortunately I restrained myself and just nabbed these cool items from a few of the talented sellers.

First up, Little Shop of Hoarders had these mirrored light switch plates for sale.  They have the perfect patina!

 The switch plates add a little pizazz throughout the house. 

I grabbed this cutie patootie tea towel by Kaye Rachelle.  These 2 women have some amazing talent in the screenprinting department.

The nautical tea towel perks up the beach house kitchen.

I love visiting Brandywine View Antiques  in Chester county so I was delighted to see them at Clover.  I picked up an old tobacco drying rack from their stash.

The tobacco rack has found a new life as a key rack in our kitchen.

Real Fruit Jewelry is just that!  Real.  Fruit.  The artisan dehydrates it and turns it into funky jewelry.

I gave this blood orange necklace to my SIL for her birthday.  It’s quite the summery statement necklace.

I can’t wait to be among this talented group of sellers again in the fall.  The bad news is that I can’t make the first market on Sunday, September 18th but you should go!  You’ll be able to find me at the other 2 markets though – October 16 & November 6.  Stop by the Circa Dee tent and say hi!

One thought on “my lucky finds

  1. Ahh! I just saw that you’re local! I’m in Ambler, PA. I am dying to get to Clover Market this September. I don’t know I never found you before. So glad I did now. d e n i s e

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