early bird gets the worm

Last week I was off from work which afforded me the rare opportunity to hit some Friday estate sales.  I always, always wanted to go to the Friday sales! 

I made it to them!  Let me tell you that the Friday early birds are INtense.  I got to the first sale just 10 minutes after it started and it was swarming with buyers.  Serious buyers who already had piles set aside.  I grabbed a vintage green bench just as soon as I could get my hands on it and found it was already claimed.  If only I woke up 10 minutes earlier.  That chippy bench would be mine!  Good thing I managed to find some other sweet vintage items.

I tried to shake off the bench loss when I found these old gardening hand tools buried in the back of the sale.  The horticulturist in me was ecstatic with the wooden handled wonders.

They just don’t make ’em like this anymore.  Check out how the metal curves around on this cultivator.  Love.

And these orange tools are so retro.  I didn’t even clean the 50-year-old dirt off yet.  Note to self.  Anyway…the color!

And another old school trowel…

like the ones we hung in the sunroom to use as hooks.

Enough of the gardening tools.  Let’s talk enamelware.  Like last week, I found some!  This time it is a 7 piece set of pots and pans.  I’m not even sure that they were ever used.

The stripes are just too fun!

Oh but these little lotus dishes are A-door-bell!

How can you not love?

By this point in the morning, I was moving right along from sale to sale.  Long forgotten about the chippy bench.  I swear.  Aqua planter? Yes, please.

A few Victorian inspired repros…

The old soap sign is perfect for a bathroom or laundry room.  It is circa 1974 so still vintage in my book.  Plus the rusty goodness gives this sign some character.

These hooks are going to be put to work in one of my shutter re-do’s.  I actually had a set of these in an old house of mine but left them behind.  I was happy to see them!  They look sooo old but are probably only 1950’s or 60’s.

A lil’ vintage candy jar! Always a love of mine so difficult to pass up.

I also took home some pint-sized furniture.  This white stool folds up. 

It’s a whole lotta shabby and a little bitta chic.  Check the faded stenciling. Mmm hmmm.

Now this mini folding chair might just be a dud.  I think I’m allowed one in all of these finds, right?  It’s pretty far gone but hopefully I can recover one way or another.

I’m thrilled with all of my mentioned finds but despite my Friday efforts and my attempt at being some sort of early bird, the gem of the weekend came Saturday morning when I wasn’t looking.  I drove by a Church sale, that wasn’t on my agenda, and hit the brakes.  Boy, am I glad I did because I rolled out this treasure…

Drumroll please.

Whatcha think of my industrial office chair?  I’ll say it again – They just don’t make ’em like this anymore!

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14 thoughts on “early bird gets the worm

  1. Love the soap sign, though not sure I’d actually like to use ‘ammonia-borax’ soap…

    I’ve also got some old wooden handled garden tools. Thought they’d be a bit tough on the hands but they’re lovely to use. Guess someone smoothed out any rough bits with years of weeding before me.

  2. your chair is fabulous, my favourite colour at the moment. Love the lotus dishes too, such pretty colours!

  3. I’m practically hyperventilating looking at your fabulous finds. Each one is better than the last one you show. Estate sales are The Best! Especially, as you know, when you can be in the early crowd. Good for you. That folding chair is no dud, but my favorite is the aqua planter. You and I would have come to blows over that!

    Thanks for posting. I’m visiting from Southern Hospitality

  4. I have a similar industrial office chair, it’s so comfortable and super durable. Estate sales here in Chicago are a competition sport, people line up HOURS before a sale and some dealers sleep in their cars overnight to be the first in the door. Even when I go 2 hours before a sale starts I’m the 50th person in the door.

    Glad you found lots of goodies, whenever I find enamelware it’s usually in shabby (in a bad way) condition.

  5. I found a similar chair earlier in the garage sale season. It’s not in nearly as good condition as yours. The vinyl seat on mine is split but I love it so much anyway. It’s my new computer chair. Great finds!

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