Ok that title sounds more like some funky body odor.  What I’m getting at is some serious Anthropology inspiration.  Against my better judgement I took a trip to the mecca that is known as Anthro.  I had no control over where my car was taking me.  And againist my better judgement only because I am a recovering shopaholic and that place is so addicting. 

So what did I find you ask?

A plethora of upcycled lamps made from vintage decor.  See the one on the left?  That is a giant antique spool turned lamp.  Why didn’t I think of that? 

Earlier this summer I just happened to score some spools and shoe forms of my own. 

The other lamp is made of wooden shoe forms.  How clever and unconventional!  Loving… 

I’m so of-the-moment it kills me.  My shoe forms are resin though, not wooden.

I’ll have to work on my lamp making skills.  Actually, I’ll have to develop those skills in general.  Why does wiring a lamp seem so intimidating?

This guy was hidden in the back. Sorry the pic cut the top of the lamp off – it was just a metal vertical bar in the middle attaching the bulb. 

What a fantabulous way to recycle old projector reels.  I think its pretty common for reels to get tossed into a landfill.  Stop the madness!  Repurpose those reels into art and lighting.

The price tags on these inspiring lamps were about $250-350.  Better work on DIYing…

This display table was pretty gorge too.  It looks to be a green distressed work bench outfitted with a zinc top.  Great statement piece.

Other fabulosities included garden chairs in a variety of colors such as this aqua one.  I suspect they’re repros.  Boo.  Keep it real Anthro.  We like the original vintage you’ve got better.

I could only snap a few cell phone pics without feeling like a total freakazoid.  You’ll have to go into the store for more inspiration.  Look for the silverware turned plate holders while you’re there.  Ca-ute.

I do have to admit that I found a few lovelies to add to my wardrobe while I was there.  After walking around taking cell phone pics, I felt it was only appropriate to support their cause.

By the way, I wonder who does Anthro’s vintage buying.  They are headquartered here in Philly after all.  Wonder if they need a picker.  Will work for clothes!  Anthropologie, can you hear me?  Call/tweet/text/facebook me.  Mmm k?  Thanks.

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