they’re here!

Who’s here?  The mums!  They have landed!  A sure sign of fall.

After checking garden centers just last weekend for mums and leaving empty handed and feeling down right crazy, I found some!  I was driving by Home Depot Wednesday night when I spotted them (normally I’m a Lowe’s girl but I will stray for mums in August).  I hit the breaks so hard that I nearly got whiplash.  I should probably have a bumper sticker “Will break for fall decor” or “Makes abrupt turns into pumpkin patches”.  No?  Maybe just “Don’t follow too closely”.  That should encompass it all.

I digress.  The mums…I only got 4.  There will be more (I’m a poet and didn’t even know it).  Plus it is 90 degrees afterall so these guys are going to blow their blooms open in no time.  At that point, I will plant them in the garden so they surprise me again this time next year when they come back. 

What do you think of my new urns?  I got them at wholesale prices. 

I love the rusty look but normally would not buy something like this simply because these are vintage-inspired and not actual vintage.  Not that everything in my house has to be vintage but I’m not a fan of buying up all of the repros.  I’d rather get the real thing but  couldn’t turn them down.  I caved for these little guys because I thought they were still kinda unique.

By the way, I held back from buying a scarecrow that was tempting me.  He was yelling “Buy me!  Take me home!”  Seriously.  It is only August Scarecrow!  Calm yourself.  I’ll be back for you…

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