jack in the box

Greetings my vintage loving friends.  Want to see what I found while out driving this weekend?  I’ve been on a rustic/industrial kick…hence all the wood.

The little red bucket is an apple picking basket.  I love orchard baskets.  This is not particularly old but I thought it would look just loverly in my fall harvest decor which I am just a hop, skip and a jump away from displaying.

And it is never too soon to think Christmas as you know I know.  I love me some vintage Shiny Brites!

What do we have here?  A sweet pair of cheese knives.  Anything to do with cheese gets my attention.  Mmm cheese.  So these beauties look to have Delft handles and the blades are inscribed Made in Germany.  Will need to do a little research on ’em.

When I see bottles with a wide opening I grab ’em for filling with shells and pebbles we collect on the beach.  The stopper on this one was just a bonus!

That’s right more Christmas!  Can you stand it?  This print is from 1984 but has some old world charm.  I’m thinking this guy will be displayed above the mantel during the yuletide season.  Just need to find a cool frame…

See you soon Saint Nick!

Can never resist the homemade wooden toolboxes.

This one came complete with a mega sized industrial handle.  That’s the best part of it.  I think it would make a nice magazine rack or book storage for under a slender console table.

You’re probably wondering what’s in the other box.  Maybe you’re not but I’m going to tell you anyway.  The front piece comes off to reveal…

More homemade goodness.  It’s a tool chest complete with 10 drawers or varying sizes.  One is missing but I think it just adds more character.

What’s that?  You don’t have tools you need to store.  Don’t fret this chest would make the perfect little industrial jewelry box.  Don’t ya think?  The drawers are lined and just shallow enough to display all sort of baubles and bling.

Did you find anything good this weekend?

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6 thoughts on “jack in the box

  1. Those are all really great finds – I really love the wooden toolboxes. I love anything Christmas – especially vintage Christmas. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them. Thanks for stopping by today!

  2. I really enjoy stopping by blogs such as yours to see what great thrift shop and garage sale finds you’ve discovered.
    You’re an inspiration!
    I’m so looking forward to hitting my local thrift store this weekend!

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