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Can we talk about the fact that everyone had a chenille bedspread in the mid-century?  And how no one I know seemed to hang onto theirs?  And if by chance they did save it, it was eaten by moths, stained or smells like a basement?  Yup.  That’s what I’ve learned in my journey to find the perfect chenille bedspread in tact. 

Full size.  Or Double as they used to say.

But I don’t give up easily. Not when it comes to the perfect vintage accessory.  And I found the Channel of the chenille blankets.  You heard right.

Oh yeah and it is in the guest room.  Which seems to be the only room I have been working on lately and yet the only room we don’t use on the reg. 

I paired the blanket with a variety of vintage linens to complement the navy walls & yellow toned furniture.  

From the ground up…

Remember my chenille rug?  Matches just right.

The peach bedskirt was my Grandmother’s.  It’s fluffy and ruffley eyelet.

Then the charming chenille blanket.

Plus a variety of comfy pillows…

Starting with inviting, simple white shams with an eyelet border.

And vintage green plaid ones from the 70s which match my scarf window treatments.

These cute little throw pillows were handmade for me by a family friend.  I can’t resist the green butterflies!

What do we have over here?  Oh just some antique butter pats that my imaginary guests can use to hold their gems and jewels.

And yes that is an early copy of Wuthering Heights.  And yes it was less than a $1 to boot.

So when are you coming to stay?

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