back to school

I spent the better part of my summer in search of the perfect vintage pulldown school map.  Ok, that’s not all I did but the darn map was always on my list of “Must Finds”.  Yes, I have one of those lists.

Lo and behold, I found not one, not two but three old school maps.  They only date back to the early 90s but technically that’s vintage.  Yes people, the early 1990s was 20 years ago.  I know I can’t believe it either.

With that said, I settled on this oversized map of Pennsylvania to display in my office.  Here’s how my mind works:   Kids learn about their home state in 5th grade as I recall.  (They did in my day anyway.)  The map is circa 1990.  I learned about PA in 1990 on a map just like this.  Could I have been introduced to the Delaware River and Appalachian Mountains on this very same map 20 years ago?? Whoa.

Ok and the real reason I chose this map for the office decor is the fabulous colors.  I had a vision of the orange, green and yellow maps of yesteryear because that is the exact color palette of the office.  I think its perfect.

I can’t reveal the whole office yet but here’s a preview of the palette…

I think I’m in love with geography now.  Are you smitten?

P.S. If you are local and in the market for a World or US pulldown school map just like this, you can find my other 2 maps for sale at Deconstructed Living in Wayne, PA

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11 thoughts on “back to school

  1. Swoon! As a fellow map lover, I think they can be the perfect piece to inform a room’s color scheme. My kitchen currently features an oversized Jasper Johns painting of the USA in primary colors, though that may change with some upcoming renovations.

  2. Looking for something in the stationery room of my daughter’s primary school, I came across about 100 old school maps that are, of course, way too old for the teachers to use. Best stash I’ve ever seen. I don’t think the principal realises he’s sitting on a vintage-map goldmine!

  3. I have a crazy obsession with maps recently in just about all crafts I do so when I saw your post I fell in love. The blues, greens, browns, and oranges are just so precious. I cannot wait until I find my own large map for my crafts room. Thank you so much for sharing!

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