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You may have seen the coffee filter wreath craze all over the blog world.  Basically every home and DIY blogger has tried their hand at making their very own big fluffy cream wreath out of a million coffee filters over the last year.  I finally tried it too.

With a spin of course.

You thought I lost my mind when I made a wreath of plastic spoons.  Now, not only have I made a wreath out of coffee filters but I dyed them first.  My logic?  I really wanted a greenish coffee filter wreath and well they just don’t sell them in green.

All of the materials were just a dollar except the filters.  I got a floral foam wreath at the dollar store and wrapped it in a roll of satin dollar store ribbon to start.  The wreath form is only about 6-8 inches so this project didn’t take forever to complete.

Actually days before I did that, I dyed some of my coffee filters with Rit kelly green dye that was also just a dollar at the fabric store.  This dye is meant for dying clothes in a washer which actually sounds really scary to me so I made up my own rules.  I heated up a pot of water and put a splash or two of kelly green dye in the pot. 

Then I dunked groups of filters in the water.  I left them in for anywhere from 1-4 minutes to get various shades of green. 

Here’s where I started to feel like a total wacko.  Picture this.  I am standing in my kitchen over a pot of green water with a camera around my neck and soggy coffee filters in hand.  I felt like the lucky charms leprechaun.  Magically delicious.  Thankfully I was home alone for this portion because I am afraid Ryan would have had me committed if he saw this scene.

Anyway, I laid the dyed stacks of coffee filters out on a cookie sheet to dry.

Several days later the filters were ready.

I folded each individual filter into quarters.

Then I hot glued the point of the filter to the wreath form leaving the ruffly side out.  I did this in a line around the front of the wreath alternating between green and white. 

I repeated another row on the side of the wreath to create a full fluffy colorful coffee filter wreath.

There you have it. 

I hung it in the office but I am feeling the color combo for Christmas or St. Patrick’s Day.  Expect to see this again in my future decor.

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