Hello Gorgeouses!

I am here to tell you that I let yet another weekend come and go without sourcing any fab vintage finds.  I am not upset about it though because you see last weekend I was seaside and this past weekend lakeside.  Life couldn’t be better!

Unless of course I were oh say lakeside surrounded by vintage perse…

 Yes, that would make me happy to see all this vintage goodness in its original state. 

Nothing says cabin like a stone hearth and knotty pine.

And nothing says PA Poconos cabin like original mustard yellow kitchen countertops.  I love encountering these throw back mountain cabins.

Friends invited us to stay with them by the lake.

I took no where short of 2 dozen photos of these chairs.

Did I mention there was the most fabulous old green jon boat? 

I’ve always wanted to say jon boat. 

The distressed swingy red door just invites you right into the lakeside cabin.

I dig the setting.  Giddy about it!

The beautiful day wouldn’t have been complete without a fire and s’mores.

Under the nearly full moon.

Did I mention there was no cell service?  I think we could get used to this.

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