mission failed

Missoni designed a line for Target and all I got was this lousy hand towel!

Ok it’s not lousy and it does wonders for perking up our tiny guest bathroom. 

Plus it is reversible with the iconic Italian designer’s zig zag pattern on the other side.

One towel and a pair of socks is seriously all of the Missoni ish that was left when I arrived at Target only a half way through the same day the line dropped.

I walked right into the women’s section where the Missoni clothing display stood.  It was totally empty.  I assumed the store was not stocked yet.  Maybe I got my launch dates mixed up. I assumed I was a day early and everything would be ok…

Then I kept walking to the shoe department to confirm my suspicions.  The shoes was what I as there for anyway.  The cute Missoni ballet flats to be specific.  Size 7.  Thank you very much. 

That is the exact moment that I realized I was right about the launch date being September 13th (the afternoon I was there) and the Missoni stock was already sold out.  I realized this because there were a few stray girls shoes but no women’s zig zag ballet flats. Waa!

I didn’t need them anyway, right?  I hear they’re all over eBay already with an inflated price tag.  (Update: I just saw the flats on eBay for $129.99 that were I believe just $29.99 at Target.  #Ridic)

Thankfully the bike was still in stock. 

Turns out I didn’t need that either.

Well the whole trip to Target wasn’t a total loss.  Wilson got a new argyle fleece for fall out of the deal. 

This is not Missoni.  And he has not taken it off since he got it.

Smooches!  I’m packing for a few days in Key West sans the fabulous flats that I should be wearing.  Did you get your Missoni flats?

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