on display

In our dining room we have a plate rack where I like to rotate seasonal plates and the like.  These old and new dishes come from all sorts of places: gifts, flea markets, my current dinnerware, discount stores, thrift stores, my mom.  I could go on but the point is, if I find a pretty dish I may serve you dessert on it or put it on display.

You probably guessed that I like to change out the plate rack frequently.  It is an easy way to have rotating art in the dining room where I can incorporate both vintage and modern.

For late summer/early fall I kept it simple with sunflower dishes as the focus.  All of the plates here are modern.  They were bought individually at Homegoods or T.J. Maxx over the years. 

The sunflowers complement the current harvest mantel display in the living room.  I’ll keep you posted on what I switch in next. 

How do you display or use mismatched dishes?

3 thoughts on “on display

  1. One of my favorites is at dinner parties – where all the plates, coffee cups etc. are all different. It givees the room a little more character for entertaining. If I was good at collecting chairs I would do that as well.

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