the little nook that could

Last week I showed you around my office.  I hope you enjoyed the tour.  Today I am here to talk specifically about the little nook in that room and how it got to be so darn charming! 

An advantage to a Cape Cod style house are these dormers that poke out of the roof. 

On the inside, dormers carve out little spaces that can sometimes be difficult to decorate.  Here’s how it looked prior to moving in any furniture or hanging window treatments.  It was just asking for a cozy window seat.

And that’s how the retro orange bench found a home. 

I layered it with pretty pillows – my favorite accessory for any room!

But what I want to show you is the no sew/no drill window treatment that I installed.

I started by finding 2 matching vintage blankets for just $4 each.  Sheer luck to find a pair!  This option was so much cheaper than buying new curtains.  The orange and green pattern played into the office color palette nicely.

Because of the architecture of this little nook, I was able to suspend a long tension rod between the adjacent walls.  No drilling necessary.  Plus a bathroom tension rod is also much cheaper than curtain hardware.

Before hanging the tension rod, I added the curtain hooks to the rod.  Then I simply folded over the blankets turned curtains until they were at the desired length.  See? I just hid the excess fabric behind the curtain. 

And clipped the curtain hooks onto the fabric at even intervals.

I’m very happy with how this little, low-budget project turned out!  The entire window treatment cost less than $40.  The curtains even seem to make the window look wider.  Plus that bench, oh how I love!

I may never learn to sew at this rate.  Do you have any other no sew project ideas?

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5 thoughts on “the little nook that could

  1. Just found your blog & I’m loving it! I’m a fellow vintage-lover who has a slight problem with purchasing too many linens at estate sales (addiction, really).. So this is useful to me. 🙂

    Thanks for the inspiration! I’m off to check out the rest of your blog…

  2. I think your blankets may have been a bedspread in another life. I have one similar to it – mine is orange and brown. I bought it for my son’s bed when he moved out of his crib. He’s now 33 and I have it on a vintage bed I bought two years ago! It’s good to know I can always turn it into curtains when I’m tired of it.

  3. Thanks for linking up to Roomspiration and I’m really wanting to find a good book and go snuggle into that nook, read and hope that no one finds me for at least a few hours. 🙂 Love the window treatments, the less sewing the better imo. Love this room!

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