final puzzle

Hey there!  Happy first day of fall.  I’ve got some fall projects lined up for next week but in the meantime, I am super excited about today’s vintage find.  Here’s a peek…

Any idea what that ‘A’ could be? 


It is a vintage marquee letter circa 1950’s.  The black letters measure about 18 inches high by 12 inches wide.  Here are all of the letters I scored!

The letters were used to display performers’ names at the Keswick Theatre in Glenside, PA in the late 50’s/early 60’s.  The theater is an ornate local venue that exudes vintage charm.  The Keswick brings some big names from time to time.  Currently they use plastic 3-D letters on the marquee.

Yours truly performed in dance recitals there as a kid.  I loved being backstage.  There are so many great details like the heavy 2-story crimson curtain and the ornate columns that extend to the ceiling.  Plus the old dressing rooms seemed so Broadway to me with big bright make-up lights.  Oh the vintage charm of that theater even struck me as a kid. 

Another time I went to see Cyndi Lauper perform and got her autograph right in the parking lot by the stage entrance.  I have so many memories from the old Keswick.  I am thrilled to own a piece of it. 


Luckily the marquee letters were saved from the possibility of death by landfill!  When I heard they were available, I jumped on the opportunity to own a few.  Since I didn’t have an immediate need for these letters, I decided to go with the Wheel of Fortune final puzzle tactic and select the most commonly used letters.  R-S-T-L-N-E are always a given on the show. 

That seemed like a good strategy until I found out that not all of those letters were available.  I ended up selecting N-S-D-L-G-A.  Actually I got 2 D’s.  I couldn’t leave one behind!  I am going to hang one D in my office

I played around arranging the letters to see what words I could spell.

Hi Dad!

I love the letters exactly as is for decorating an office, kid’s room, family room or man cave but they are great for crafting too.  Here is a look at the back.  The letters are made of pegboard and there are D-hooks are still in place that latched onto the marquee.  That should make hanging easy.  Do you want to own one?

How would you display it?

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5 thoughts on “final puzzle

  1. How fun and even more fun that they’re from the Keswick – how cool!! My Mom grew up not far from there so always a special treat to drive through Glenside. Where did you end up getting these letters from?

  2. Lucky you being able to buy these beauties that have such fond memories for you.
    They’d look great hanging in just about any room of the house, or hung as part of a framed picture wall gallery. x

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