corbel vision

I went to my first “demo sale” on Saturday morning.  The ad said to bring tools as the house was being demolished & rebuilt so everything could go. 

So I brought Ryan.  And he brought tools. 

Since it was on a street full of 100 year old+ houses, I had this vision of pulling down original molding, corbels, glass door knobs and other architectural salvage.  I had a major sense of urgency to get there first so I could get all of those corbels.

On the way over I thought about how we didn’t bring a ladder!  Darn.

Well I was wrong.  The house was old but there were no corbels or anything else that I dreamt up.  Nothing I wanted required tools.  It was more like an estate sale.  I’m glad I brought my muscle though because we did end up making a big purchase. 

Let me backtrack and show you this before picture…

This is our breakfast nook at the beach house.  The table came with the house.  It is cute and has done just fine for us but (there is always a but)…it is too small for the space.  And more importantly, too small to hold anything other than our breakfast plates.  We’ve been passively looking for a replacement table.

The demo sale came through with just that…

The table is much larger and boasts vintage charm with an enamel top

cutlery drawers with glass knobs (at least I found glass knobs)

and chippy white and seafoam painted chairs.

I’ve always loved enamel tables!  Plus its so much more functional for us than the last table.  Yay!  This might just be the beginning of a beach house kitchen makeover. 

Ok, so I didn’t stop at  the demo sale.  After unloading our new enamelware, I rounded up a few more charming finds.  I paid less than $20 for everything in this picture.

I will never pass up cute fish plates.  These may end up in a future dining room display rack.

A hexagon hat box dated 1966.

A little one sided planter. 

Onto the really good stuff.  My 2nd favorite find of the day!  A vintage chrome mixer by Hamilton Beech.  I was thrilled to find this.  It’s time to bake pumpkin bread!

I can use help with this one.  This cute purse caught my eye but I don’t know what it is.  Celluloid handle?  Some kind of plastic purse.

Golden velvet interior.  Any idea what this could be made from?

Did you notice the picture in the background?  I literally took this off the wall at an estate sale.  Not for the print though.

It is the reclaimed barnwood frame that caught my eye.  3rd favorite find of the day.  I’m sure you’ll be seeing this again.

Did you find any fabulous vintage this weekend?

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11 thoughts on “corbel vision

  1. Love the table, it goes nice with your floor and wall paper, I had a friend who’s mother had one in red just like it when I was a little girl (a long time ago) It brings back a lot of good memories. Enjoy. I like the mixer too,hope I get some of your pumpkin bread..♥

  2. Your gorgeous hatbox is from the defunct Bonwit Tellers store. Just in case you try to sell it, it was a rather chi chi clothing store.

  3. Holy cats! That white box with the purple flowers on it is a Bonwitt Teller gift box! There surely aren’t many ot those around anymore. The store had beautiful gift boxes; the flowers were supposed to be violets. There was usually a purple bow tied around the box. They were wonderful, sturdy boxes and came in a range of sizes from small jewelry squares to huge 3′ x 2′ rectangular numbers which were 18″ deep and held coats or gowns. Violets were their signature flower, much like the Lord & Taylor rose was. They used three layers of tissue in each box: white next to the item, purple in the middle, and white as the outer layer with a spray of paper violets resting on top. They wanted the inside wrapping to mimick the violets on white exterior of the box. All that tissue was so billowy!

    Their store credit card was a skinny white thing with violets on it and Bonwitt Teller in plain grey print across the top. I used to work there ages ago. How fun to see the BT violets again!

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