lady in red

Let me just call myself out here a minute. If you subscribe to receive my posts via email you probably received a post yesterday with the above title. Oops. I got excited about this project and hit publish too soon! So here it is today with ALL of the content.

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So here goes…This weekend I did a little makeover on a night stand that we already owned. I’ve mentioned before that the beach house came furnished. I don’t know if I mentioned that a lot of the furniture is dated and can use a little love. Here is the guest room table before.

Blah.  Boring.  Beat up.

I just so happened to stumble upon another great sale at Ace.  (They should probably sponsor this blog, don’t ya think?)  There were tons of these little sample size paints for $1 each.  I went to town!

I combined 2 of the reds to make my desired color.  I was hoping to match the red in the bedroom quilt.

After lightly sanding the table, I painted on 2 coats of the custom mixed red.

After it dried, I applied paste wax to protect it and make it shiny.

Oh and I sprayed painted the original drawer pull antique white.

Here’s how it looks in the nautical themed guest room.

I think it goes well with the blue & red quilt. What do you think?

And that is what a $2 makeover looks like.

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10 thoughts on “lady in red

  1. i LOVE it! the red looks perfect on that piece!
    and thank you, because now, in my head, i hear this…
    “the lady in reeeeeeeeeeed….
    is dancing with me….
    cheek to cheek”

  2. As I was checking out your nightstand, the first thing that came to my mind was….perfect in a nautical bedroom. then I scrolled down and sure enough…Love it!

  3. What a nice pop of color in the room and definitely fits with your nautical theme! Red is probably one of my favorite colors and I’m itching to do a new red project one of these days!

  4. BEAUTIFUL in red…and ya know, I saw Chris DeBurgh in concert many, many years ago, and THAT was my very FAVOURITE of the whole concert. Yep. And now I’ll have an ear worm all day long!! (lol)

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