for the love of wreaths

Welcome to our front door.  The fall planters hadn’t bloomed when I took this pic but the felt flower wreath is always blooming on the door!  Too bad there is a glare.  Keep scrolling down.

Do you remember the mossy green wreath I made for the late summer mantel?

Here it is above the mantel.  Click here for the tutorial on how to make a moss wreath.

She made a new appearanace as a fall-ish wreath with a mini makeover.

I took some felt scraps and cut strips at different widths.

Then cut slits into the strips.  This project takes minutes to do.  Seriously.

Then roll the slitted felt up tight to create various flower shapes.  Hot glue the ends.  I think the gold rosettes are my fave.

The starburst felt flowers remind me of spider mums or something.  I guess that makes them seasonal.

I attached them to the foam based wreath with corsage pins.  You could also hot glue them on but then they won’t come off easily now will they?  And I plan to re-use the moss wreath again and again.

Easy peasy.

Did you notice that I love to make wreaths?  I’ve devoted a entire tag to them.  Wreaths were one of the first items I ever made and sold starting at the age of 14.  Don’t miss the hot pepper wreath that I posted a few days ago.

So what’s on your door?

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