rusty gold

Just call me Mike Wolfe.  Last week I picked a picker’s garage.  It was filled with rusty gold, old car and bike parts that Mike and Frank, of American Pickers fame, would’ve loved.  Here are the gems that I pulled out of there.

I’ve been on a vintage scale kick lately.  This is a rusty blue kitchen scale.

This is a very old Vornado desktop fan in working condition.  It is HEAVY for a little guy.  I love the shape.

Under the rust there is some aqua paint peaking out.  It needs a little love.

And another kitchen scale.  This one is larger than most that I have seen.  I love the industrial style.

But wait!  It’s not just a scale, is it?  Nope!  It is a tabletop lamp.  Just in case you need to cast some light when weighing your ingredients.  It was just too weird to pass up.

But my favorite find of the pick was this large pointing finger wooden sign.  Legendary.

We Buy Junk & Sell Antiques. 

That pretty much sums up my business plan.

Ya’ll come back now…

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10 thoughts on “rusty gold

  1. This is just the kind of stuff I love, the sign is so great. Love the fan and scales too! I was close to getting a scale this weekend but the lady wouldn’t part with it.

  2. Found you on Apron Thrift Girl’s Page, you have some great finds! I also LOVE the show American Pickers and whenever I go out thrifting, my boyfriend calls me a picker! 🙂

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