take a peek

Hello there!

Over here at Circa Dee, we have been gearing up for Clover Market.  The big sale is set to take place on Sunday from 10-4 in Ardmore. 

I’ve got lots of projects and treasures up my sleeve.  Here is a preview of what you can expect to see from Circa Dee…


Ladies’ vintage accessories…


Repurposed architectural salvage…shutter/faucet hooks


Cowboy boots


Chicken coop coffee table


Home accessories for fall


Enamelware (and more cowboy boots)


Plus lots of crates and trays


Will I see you there?  Come say hello…

5 thoughts on “take a peek

  1. DM- I love the chicken coop coffee table. We have quite a few of these laying around the farm, covered in dust! Maybe you can go “picking” next time you’re here!

    1. Thanks girls! Holly – you should definitely come visit!
      Emily – don’t tease me! I’d love to pick that farm. I’ve eyed up some rusty gems there before.

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