patina patina

Last week I was swamped with final projects and preparations for Clover Market among other things.  So I only managed to uncover a few vintage treasures due to time constraints.  But I promise not to disappoint.  Def quality over quantity…

I snatched up these oars when I saw them because I find that they’re actually hard to come by.  When I was looking for a set for our beach house master bedroom it took me awhile to find a set that wasn’t totally inflated in price.  I’m thinking that this pair would look really awesome hanging on the wall in a boy’s bedroom.

Have you ever seen such perfectly colored patina in your life?  I can’t even take it!

The little watering can has rusted and turned the perfect shade of blue.  Has junk ever looked this gorgeous?

Cutie pie little egg basket.  I think I’ll tuck this away for Easter decor.

I can never say no to a sweet vintage apron.  This sheer pink & white one is oh-so-feminine.

Probably my favorite find was this old school shopping basket.  Love.  It needs to be loaded up with guords.

Oh what does the little advertising tag say?  Circa Dee?  Hmm…look at that!

And if you are local and it is Sunday, come on down to Clover Market in Ardmore.  The weather is gorgeous and there are tons of treasures to be found amongst the 70+ vendors plus food and music.  It is not too soon to start your holiday shopping!

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5 thoughts on “patina patina

  1. Wow!!!! These are the best finds I have seen in ages, I’m super jealous! Especially of the shopping basket to be honest haha! How good would fruit and veg look on a stool in hte kitchen in that!

    All finds are great, and yes the oars will be amazing home decor – great job.


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