lost lot of loot

This week I’ve got not one but two treasure posts.  As I was looking through my photos I realized that I never posted this lot of vintage finds from a few weeks ago.  Oh no!  And don’t miss yesterday’s stellar finds either.

I don’t think I’ve ever bought this many dishes in one day but there were some good ones including this set of pyrex nesting bowls in mint condition.  Retro olive green!

A perfectly worn enamelware bowl with the iconic red stripe.  This makes a perfect fruit bowl.  Don’t miss the wire milk crate behind it.

I’ve never in my life bought a dog figurine until now.  Maybe I am getting old.  This little hound reminded me of Wilson.  If  he keeps gaining weight, he should look like this guy in no time.  We’re using it as a pen holder.

I love milkglass!

I got a pair of Christmas milkglass plates for the dish display rack.

They’re both hand painted.

A turkey plate also turned up.  It’ll do for Thanksgiving decor although if it were milkglass, I’d be more impressed.

Another embroidered tea towel.

This beat up antique side table is going to get a Circa Dee update.  Stay tuned.

There may just be apple bobbing in this huge galvanized tub’s future.

More orchard baskets.  I can’t seem to stay away from them.  I have to stop.

That’s it.  Find anything good this weekend?

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