another one for the books

Hey there vintage lovers!

We had another fabulous day at Clover Market last Sunday.  It was perfect October weather with just a wee bit of wind that no one seemed to care for.  Regardless, the crowds were out in full force soaking up the seasonal weather and eclectic treasures.

I had my lil’ Circa Dee booth stocked to the brim.

I ended up selling many unique pieces to artists and shop owners to use for displays.  I am always so ecstatic when someone sees my vision of how the vintage piece can be used in a modern display.  Jen McCleary bought this handmade machinist’s toolbox to display her orignal jewelry and artwork.  She put it right to work in her display at Clover. 

I also met the owner of 2 Friends who bought birdcages, spools and toolboxes to display her custom jewelry in at her shop.

The most unique use for a Circa Dee treasure goes to a photographer who works with newborns.  She bought the old shopping basket as a prop for photographing the babies.  Genius!  I hope she sends pictures of her work.

I was planning on keeping this chicken coop display rack but it sold almost instantly.  It has a funny back story that I will have to share soon.  Guess I need to make more of these since chicken coop style is having a big moment in my world.  Should I coin that trend? “Chicken Coop Style”

In the market for a huge US vintage pulldown school map?

The boots!  Always a hit with the urban cowboy & cowgirl crowd.

The day picked up so quickly and just got away from me.  I barely got to venture out of my space to go visit my favorite vendors.  I stopped by freshvintage to check out their 1956 camper – a must see!  I also met Brandi of Brandeye and took in her gorgeous, handmade quilts.  I didn’t have my camera in hand for either visit…darn!

 Here are my “across the street” neighbors, Nannygoat Antiques.  They always have a great haul of treasures.  I happen to have the same last name as one of the Nannygoats so we love to talk family trees when we get a chance.

And here is my family who spent the day with me.  I couldn’t do all of this on my own.  They “volunteer” to help haul, pack, unpack, sell my wares and just keep me company.  Aren’t the sweet?  And Jake is wearing a RUN DMC t-shirt because he thinks it is vintage and therefore festive attire.  We had some other visitors as well including my 6 month old niece who was out on her first antiquing excursion.  Thanks for all of the support friends and family!

There is still one more chance to shop at Clover this season.  Sunday, November 6th!

Thanks for your comments!

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