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I changed out the mantel to a festive Halloween spread…

As much as I love fall harvest and decorating for the season, not just Halloween, we needed a mantel update pronto.  1) We are having a Halloween party next weekend so festive decor is a must.  And 2) the harvest bounty had seen better days.  Remember what the harvest mantel looked like?

Well I’m over it.  It’s time to get spooky!

I started off with a birdcage on loan from the lovebirds.  It is stocked with some candles.

Obviously there had to be a bird nearby.  I scooped up this raven for half price at Michael’s.  He “landed” on an ornate iron candelabra that I already owned.

Remember this picture that I shared from a recent wedding venue?  I found the candle display so inspiring.  Although I decided not to use the stemware as candle holders, I did find that they make awesome risers for the mini pumpkins.

Mini pumpkins high and low. They were already on hand from the harvest mantel display.

Did you catch a glimpse of that pimped out pumpkin in the background?

Yes, these pumpkins are wearing fishnet stockings.  I just cut an old pair and shimmied those stems into the tights.  This looks really cool with any kind of detailed women’s stockings.  In fact, fishnets are probably the simplest choice.  I’ve seen some amazing versions of this on pinterest.

The shiny black candlesticks on both ends were also already in my stash.  They just weren’t black so I spray painted them with a high gloss.

I’m sure you didn’t miss the feather wreath!  No, I didn’t make it.  I probably would have attempted to but then I found it on sale for $12 at Joann’s this week.  I don’t think I could have DIY’d it for much less.

And finally, the dancing skeletons are from the dollar store.  They came strung on twine in 5 foot lengths.  How much do I love these festive little creepers!

Now that you got the source list down, you’ve got to see how the mantel looks at night!

Shadows are cast on the wall and ceiling by the candles in the birdcage.


Do you have any festive plans for the weekend?

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10 thoughts on “spooktacular

  1. Love it! I’ve been on the look out for a feather wreath like that… Target had em for an arm and a leg! I’ll check out Joann’s this week.. thanks for the tip!

    Have a Great Week!
    ~Rainey~ @ The Project Table

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