the motherlode

Hey there!

I have a load of interesting finds today.  Would you believe that I found all of this over my lunch break on Friday?  I was power picking.  Needless to say I didn’t have lunch.

Let’s start with the small items.  Cameras are hot right now so I was happy to find this brownie with a hawkeye flash.   

I always wanted to find a collection of vintage wooden block letters.

Now I have them.  What should I do with them?

A few in the stash are really old.  They’re a little bit bigger than the rest.  I love how worn and faded they are.

A galvanized minnow bucket…

Someone hand painted this old window.  It reads Granny’s Tailor Shop.

I like the graphic of the sewing machine on the sign.  Sew cut. (Couldn’t resist that one, sorry.)

This was a last minute addition to my pile.  Something about this Victorian porch railing lured me in.  I can picture this cleaned up and used as a headboard in a girl’s room.

Or maybe not.  I may take it apart and use the spindles individually in a project.  Any ideas for the spindles?

You are probably curious about the aqua goodness that has been in the background of many of the photos.  I was told that they were once part of a built in around a fireplace in an old house.  There are 3 doors.  I love the color and how they are perfectly chipping.  The options for these guys are endless!

This is my second week in a row finding oars.  This time they are about 6 feet and have signs of red paint.

And finally I got a wirey dress form.  I like how pliable this is.

Oh wait, that’s not it!  I almost forgot that I got a vintage pulldown school map of South America circa 1950s.  The colors are great.  I need to hang it and snap a picture for you.  Can you believe I managed to get all of this in my car?

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9 thoughts on “the motherlode

  1. Wow, amazing finds. That porch railing could be used as a magazine holder. Right now, taking a front part of a ladder and leaning it against the wall, then hanging magazines on it is very popular. I think you could do that with this beauty. It would look amazing.

  2. You really were doing some power picking! I love a successful thrifting lunch hour. You certainly found some great stuff. I really like the blocks, the dress form and the aqua doors. Great finds!

  3. I love the old blocks and the window with the sewing machine painted on it. You had so many great finds! I can’t believe you did it all on your lunch hour. I love your blog, I can’t wait to read more of your posts!

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